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22 Tarot Spells for Divination and Decision Making - tarot divination

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The origins of tarot cards are shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that they have transitioned from playing cards in the 15th century to profound tools for divination and decision making. Tarot has a rich symbolic language, and its 78 cards can offer insights into the past, present, and possible futures. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana, in particular, hold a special place in the practice of tarot spells – rituals that call upon the archetypical energies of these cards to guide individuals towards clarity and resolution of their dilemmas.

Tarot spells for divination and decision making typically involve a sequence of steps, including setting an intention, choosing the appropriate cards, and invoking their energies through meditation or ritual. Historically speaking, the practice of tarot spells weaves together elements from various traditions, including Kabbalah, alchemy, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which played a key role in popularizing tarot in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, these practices have been democratized and are accessible to anyone with a deck of tarot cards and a willingness to explore their subconscious desires and fears.

A compelling aspect of using tarot spells is their ability to empower individuals in taking control of their future. Studies show that engaging with tarot can significantly reduce anxiety related to decision-making, as it grants people a sense of agency and a structured way to contemplate their circumstances. Moreover, taroinc spells, with their focus on the Major Arcana's archetypes, can act as a mirror, reflecting one's inner world and highlighting potential paths of action. Such practices underscore the belief that each card serves as a vessel for the practitioner's own intuition and wisdom, transcending mere superstition or chance.

While skeptics may view tarot as simple entertainment, many people report profound experiences when using tarot spells for guidance. For instance, the Magician card, symbolizing willpower and creativity, could be incorporated into a spell intended to enhance one's confidence before a significant life change. On the other hand, the High Priestess card, representing intuition and mystery, might be central to a spell for unveiling hidden truths in a complex decision. Across cultures and ages, the enduring appeal of tarot spells lies in their versatile application to the multifaceted nature of human experiences.

Individuals engaging with tarot spells often describe a personal, almost therapeutic, connection with the cards. The ritualistic aspect, whether burning candles, repeating affirmations, or laying out cards in a particular pattern, provides a tangible focus for one's intent, which can be particularly grounding when facing uncertainty. While there is no definitive proof that tarot spells can alter the future, they are indisputably effective in helping people explore and influence their internal landscape, which in turn, can impact the choices they make and their outcomes.

In the mystical world of tarot, the cards are not only used for divination but also as powerful tools in spellcasting. Tarot spells harness the archetypal images and the collective unconscious associated with the tarot deck to focus the practitioner's intentions and channel energy towards a specific goal. Here are 22 tarot spells tailored for divination and decision-making:

1. **Clarity of Mind Spell**: Begin with The Ace of Swords to cut through confusion. Meditate on the card, visualizing mental clarity as you burn a white candle.

2. **Path Finder Spell**: Use The Hermit card to guide your inner journey. Focus on the lantern, asking for illumination on your path as you contemplate your options.

3. **Choice Manifestation Spell**: The Lovers card can be utilized for decisions involving relationships. Place rose quartz crystals around the card to attract and manifest love or harmony in your choice.

4. **Courageous Decision Spell**: Channel the strength of The Chariot. Set the card on your altar and envision yourself moving forward fearlessly with your decision.

5. **Prosperity Decision Spell**: If your decision involves financial aspects, place The Wheel of Fortune card alongside coins or notes. Imagine the wheel turning in your favor.

6. **Success in Endeavors Spell**: The Six of Wands represents victory. Keep this card with you while working on tasks requiring success to encourage a favorable outcome.

7. **Overcoming Obstacle Spell**: Place The Tower card upside down to symbolize overcoming upheaval. Draw energy from it to dismantle obstacles in your path.

8. **Career Guidance Spell**: The Eight of Pentacles is perfect for career-related decisions. Place a career-related object on top of the card to sharpen focus and skill.

9. **Health Decision Spell**: The Star card is known for healing. Anoint with lavender oil and place it with a written statement of your health goal.

10. **Intellectual Insight Spell**: The High Priestess offers deep knowledge. Place the card beneath a purple candle to tap into hidden wisdom concerning your query.

11. **Emotional Balance Spell**: For decisions swayed by emotions, meditate with The Temperance card to seek balance and patience in your approach.

12. **Conflict Resolution Spell**: Draw upon Justice for resolving disputes. Write down each side of the issue on separate papers and place them beneath the card.

13. **Spiritual Growth Spell**: The Hierophant is a beacon of spiritual wisdom. Light incense and place the card nearby to meditate on your spiritual path and decisions therein.

14. **Love Discernment Spell**: Two of Cups can help in choosing a partner. Arrange the card with two pink candles to represent the partnership you're contemplating.

15. **Bridging Differences Spell**: Six of Cups, associated with nostalgia and reunions, is ideal for reconnecting. Use it with the intent to reconcile past and present.

16. **Personal Power Spell**: The Emperor boosts self-assurance. Sit with the card, envisioning yourself making decisions with authority and stability.

17. **Creativity Enhancement Spell**: Three of Wands encourages exchange and expansion of ideas. Surround it with colorful objects to feed your creative decisions.

18. **Friendship Decision Spell**: With the Three of Cups, focus on the connections that bring joy. Use this spell when choosing how to nurture friendships.

19. **Reflection and Growth Spell**: The Judgment card aids in learning from past experiences. Place it on your altar as you journal about previous choices.

20. **Inner Peace Spell**: The Four of Swords provides quiet and rest. When faced with overwhelming choices, allow this card to simmer down the noise.

21. **Adventure and Risk Spell**: The Fool stands for new beginnings. Ponder the leap into the unknown with The Fool as your guide, taking healthy risks.

22. **Threshold Crossing Spell**: Finally, The World card signals completion and accomplishment. Surround it with symbols of your desired outcome, celebrating the steps taken towards a decision.

Turbocharging these tarot spells with crystals, candles, and specific incantations further aligns the energy with the intended result. As each practitioner brings their intuition and unique energy to the process, tarot divination remains a deeply personal and enriching practice.

According to a study by the American Tarot Association, 75% of tarot readers use the cards for personal meditation, and this number continues to grow with the increasing popularity of tarot as a tool for self-reflection and decision-making.


What are tarot spells, and how are they connected to divination?

Tarot spells are rituals or practices using tarot cards as a focus or tool for setting intentions, manifesting desires, and tapping into unconscious knowledge to aid in decision making. In divitation, they help individuals seek clarity or receive guidance about their personal journey or specific life questions.


Do I need to have any special skills or be psychically gifted to perform tarot spells?

No, you don't need to have any inherent psychic abilities to perform tarot spells. The practice is open to anyone willing to learn and connect with the tarot cards. However, developing an understanding of the cards and focusing your intentions can enhance your experience.


How can I ensure that I'm using tarot spells ethically?

Using tarot spells ethically involves setting intentions that do not harm others, respecting the free will of all individuals involved, and using the tarot for personal insight and guidance rather than attempting to control outcomes or other people.


Can performing tarot spells actually influence the outcome of a situation?

Many believe that tarot spells can help focus your intentions and manifest desired outcomes, but they should not be seen as a guarantee. The effectiveness of tarot spells relies on personal belief, the energy you invest, and the broader context of fate or destiny.


How often can I perform tarot spells? Is there a limit?

You can perform tarot spells as often as you feel necessary. However, it's essential to give each spell time to work and to be mindful of not overwhelming yourself with too many intentions at once.


Do I need a specific type of tarot deck for performing spells?

No specific type of tarot deck is needed for spells. It's more important to choose a deck which you feel a strong connection to. However, a standard Rider-Waite tarot deck is often recommended for beginners because of its widely recognized symbolism.


What should I do if a tarot spell seems to not work?

If a tarot spell doesn't seem to work, consider if your intentions were clear, or if there may be factors beyond your control affecting the situation. Reflect on the experience, and remember that sometimes a spell's results may not be immediately visible or may manifest in unexpected ways.


Are there certain times that are more powerful for performing tarot spells?

Some practitioners believe that performing tarot spells during specific moon phases, such as the new moon or full moon, can enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, other astrological timings, personal intuition, or significant dates might hold significance for individuals.


Is it necessary to follow tarot spells precisely as written?

While it can be helpful to follow the structure of a tarot spell, especially for beginners, it's also encouraged to trust your intuition and make adjustments that feel right for you, maintaining the core intentions of the spell.


What should I do to prepare before performing a tarot spell?

Before performing a tarot spell, create a quiet and clean space, establish a calm state of mind, and possibly meditate on your intentions. It's also wise to have a clear sense of the purpose behind the spell and gather any materials you plan to use, such as candles, crystals, or other symbolic items.


Tarot spells have emerged as a profound tool for divination, offering guidance and clarity in the challenging process of decision-making. Through the rituals and readings discussed, individuals are equipped with the means to tap into their subconscious, unlocking insights that reside deep within their inner wisdom. The key points of the article emphasize the importance of understanding tarot symbolism and its correspondence with our daily lives and struggles. By harnessing the power of specific tarot spells, such as those for finding love, achieving success, or even uncovering hidden truths, users gain a spiritual roadmap that aids in navigating life's crossroads.

Moreover, the insights related to tarot divination underscore the versatility of tarot as both a reflective and proactive practice. Whether one is new to the world of tarot or an experienced reader, the spells covered offer a rich palette of options catering to diverse needs and situations. The article has demonstrated that, beyond mere fortune-telling, tarot spells serve as an empowering aid for personal growth and making informed choices. Embracing this ancient wisdom not only illuminates potential outcomes but also inspires confidence and personal agency, reminding us that we hold the keys to our own destiny within the cards we draw.

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