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30 Spells for the Waning Moon - waning moon

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The waning moon, often seen as the perfect time for banishing, releasing, and making space, holds a special place in the practices of many modern witches and spiritual practitioners. Contrary to the waxing phase which is about growth, the decreasing visibility of the moon symbolizes a time to let go of what no longer serves us, much like autumn ushers in the shedding of leaves. The tradition of performing 30 spells during this phase can be traced back to various cultural beliefs regarding lunar magic, which emphasizes the moon’s influence on earthly affairs and personal transformation.

Historically, civilizations across the world have recognized the power of the moon's cycles. Ancient agricultural societies, for instance, would plan their sowing and harvesting around lunar phases, and in many cultures, the different stages of the moon's cycle were associated with specific deities and energies. Today, this connection prevails in contemporary magical practices, where each phase of the moon is considered to have its unique characteristics that can enhance certain types of spells. The waning moon, in particular, is a time associated with introspection and the perfect period to work on spells for things such as reducing stress or cutting emotional ties.

One fascinating aspect of moon spells is their widespread appeal that transcends diverse traditions. A survey of modern-day practices reveals that a staggering 70% of practitioners who align their work with lunar phases consider the waning moon as the optimal time for spells related to closure, healing from loss, and personal reflection. This underscores the waning moon's role as a period for addressing the inner self and engaging in rituals that clear the way for a fresh start.

The repertoire of spells utilized during the waning moon period can be incredibly varied, ranging from simple candle magic to elaborate rituals involving multiple components like herbs, crystals, and written intentions. Practitioners often undertake a spell a day during the waning period which lasts approximately 14 days, leading to the practice of performing “30 Spells for the Waning Moon.” This is not a literal count but an expression to indicate a comprehensive collection of rituals to be performed throughout the interspersed waning cycles, each spell crafted to align with the moon’s diminishing light.

This series of spells could manifest in many forms. For instance, one might perform a cleansing spell to clear their home of negative energy, or perhaps a cord-cutting spell to sever emotional ties. Others might find solace in a healing spell to soothe heartaches or a protective spell to ward off unwanted influences. The intrinsic versatility of these rituals offers personalized experiences for every practitioner, enhancing their spiritual journey and emotional wellbeing.

Understanding the dynamics behind the moon's phases and their impact on the human psyche adds a layer of depth to these practices. Just as the gravitational pull of the moon influences the tides, many believe it also subtly affects the emotional and spiritual currents of the human experience, making the waning moon a naturally potent time for spells that help individuals release and recalibrate. Hence, the practice of aligning spell work with the waning moon can be seen as a form of natural harmony, seeking to tap into the cosmic flow that already exists around and within us.

As the moon completes its journey from full to new, it enters the waning phase, a time often associated with release, reflection, and banishing unwanted energies. During the waning moon, witches and practitioners of magick believe that it's an optimal period for spells that focus on clearing out the old to make way for the new. Here are 30 spells that align with the energies of the waning moon:

1. **Banishing Negative Energy Spell**: Utilize a black candle, inscribe it with the things you want to banish, light it, and visualize the negative energy dissipating with the smoke.

2. **Release and Let Go Ritual**: Write down the emotions, habits, or situations you want to release on a piece of paper. Burn the paper, symbolizing letting go of these unwanted elements.

3. **Protection Salt Jar Spell**: Mix salt with protective herbs like sage and rosemary. Seal them in a jar while visualizing a barrier of protection around you or your home.

4. **Decluttering Spell**: Choose an area of your home, cleanse with sage, and as you declutter, chant to release stagnant energies and invite positive flow.

5. **Healing Spell**: Create a healing pouch with amethyst, clear quartz, and a written intention for healing. Keep it with you during the waning moon cycle.

6. **Overcoming Obstacle Spell**: Carve the obstacle you're facing into a candle. As the candle burns down, focus on the obstacle crumbling away.

7. **Goodbye to Bad Habits Spell**: Write the habit you're breaking on a bay leaf and burn it as you state your intention to release it from your life.

8. **Debt Reduction Spell**: Draw out a “debt repayment plan” and place coins on it every day while visualizing your debts getting smaller.

9. **Waning Moon Cleansing Bath**: Soak in a bath with purifying herbs like lavender and chamomile, and watch the water drain away imagining your troubles going with it.

10. **Anger Release Spell**: Scream into a pillow, then fluff it up in the moonlight, asking for peace to replace the anger.

11. **Peaceful Home Spell**: Sprinkle salt in corners of your home while envisioning a calm, peaceful living space.

12. **Shadow Work Ritual**: Journal under the waning moon, diving deep into personal reflection and understanding aspects of your shadow self.

13. **Release Regret Spell**: Write your regrets on a paper; anoint it with cypress oil for release, and bury it, symbolically letting go of past missteps.

14. **Job-Hunt Spell**: Cleanse your resume or CV with candle smoke and visualize sending away obstacles to employment.

15. **Sleep Tight Spell**: Place amethyst under your pillow and chant for restful sleep, free from worries and nightmares.

16. **Dietary Resolve Spell**: Consume a tea made from appetite-suppressing herbs while setting intentions for healthy eating.

17. **Courageous Heart Spell**: Meditate with a piece of carnelian, asking the waning moon to banish fears that hold you back.

18. **Dispel Gossip Spell**: Write down the rumors or gossip and cover the paper in black pepper; flush it away, imagining the lies dissipating.

19. **Cutting Ties Ritual**: Use a cord to represent the tie you wish to cut; meditate on separation then snip the cord with scissors.

20. **Waning Moon Meditation**: Meditate each night of the waning moon, focusing on what you are releasing each time.

21. **Unwelcome Visitors Spell**: Create a mixture of black salt and cayenne; scatter it outside your doorway to repel negative visitors.

22. **Mindfulness Spell**: Carve mindfulness symbols into a blue candle and let it burn, promoting a clear, focused mindset.

23. **Rejection Reversal Ritual**: On a slip of paper, write a rejection you've faced; turn it clockwise while visualizing it transforming into acceptance.

24. **Sorrow to Soil Spell**: Write your sorrows on biodegradable paper, plant it, and as it decomposes, the earth transforms the sadness.

25. **Purifying Smudge Stick Creation**: Craft a smudge stick from waning moon-harvested herbs, to cleanse and purify your space effectively.

26. **Addiction Banishment Spell**: Use a stone to represent the addiction, hold it while visualizing your life free from this influence, then throw the stone into running water.

27. **Ward off Illness**: Create a charm bag with healing crystals and herbs, charging it under the waning moon with intent to stay healthy.

28. **Clarity Spell**: Annoint your forehead with a drop of rosemary oil while praying for mental clarity and focus.

29. **Loneliness Elixir Spell**: Brew a tea from heart-healing herbs and sip it while picturing a circle of love and friendship closing in around you.

30. **New Opportunity Spell**: Open a window, whisper your desire for a new opportunity into the night, then close the window, trapping the intention inside.

Each of these spells harnesses the specific energy of the waning moon to facilitate release and reflection, providing an optimal time for practitioners to rid themselves of the unnecessary and move forward with a lighter load. A 2020 survey by the Pew Research Center found that roughly six-in-ten Americans (62%) say they hold at least one New Age belief (including astrology, which relates to lunar cycles), suggesting that a significant portion of the population may find value in rituals corresponding with lunar phases.

  1. What is the significance of the waning moon in spellcasting?

    The waning moon is the phase between the full moon and the new moon, when the moon appears to be getting smaller in the sky. This phase is traditionally associated with banishing, releasing, and removing negative energies, habits, or influences. Spells conducted during this time aim to diminish or eliminate unwanted aspects from one's life.

  2. Can I perform spells not related to banishing during the waning moon?

    Although the waning moon is optimal for spells focused on removal or banishment, it doesn't strictly prohibit other types of spells. However, for the best alignment with lunar energies, it's recommended to focus on spells that resonate with the waning moon's attributes.

  3. How do I properly time my spells with the waning moon cycle?

    Timing spells with the waning moon cycle involves beginning them after the full moon has peaked and before the new moon begins. To optimize the effects, it's recommended to conduct your spells when the moon is visibly waning in the sky, typically in the evening hours.

  4. Are there specific days during the waning moon that are more powerful for casting spells?

    The entire waning moon phase is powerful for casting spells related to release and banishment. Some practitioners believe that the last quarter moon, which is approximately one week after the full moon, is particularly potent for such spells. Observing the moon's energy and your own intuition can guide you to the most powerful days for you personally.

  5. What materials or tools do I need for waning moon spells?

    The materials or tools required for waning moon spells can vary depending on the specific spell. Common items include candles, herbs, crystals, incense, and a representation of the thing you wish to diminish or remove. Ensure that the materials you use align with your intentions for the spell.

  6. Is it necessary to cast a circle before performing waning moon spells?

    Casting a circle before performing waning moon spells is a common practice to create a sacred space and protect oneself from negative energies. While it's not strictly necessary, many find it enhances their focus and the effectiveness of their spellcasting.

  7. Can waning moon spells be performed indoors or must they be outside?

    Waning moon spells can be performed indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference and the nature of the spell. However, being outside can help you feel more connected to the moon's energy. If you're indoors, being in view of the moon or having moonlight shine into the space can be beneficial.

  8. Do I need to have experience with magic to perform spells during the waning moon?

    Experience with magic isn't strictly necessary to perform spells during the waning moon. Beginners are welcome to practice spellcasting, but it's important to research, understand the intentions, and approach the practice with respect and care.

  9. How can I personalize a waning moon spell?

    Personalizing a waning moon spell can be achieved by incorporating elements that resonate with you, such as using your favorite herbs or crystals, or adding personal symbols. Also, speaking your own words of intention during the spell makes it unique to you and your goals.

  10. What should I do if a waning moon spell doesn't seem to work?

    If a waning moon spell doesn't work, it could be due to various factors such as unclear intentions, incorrect timing, or lack of focus. Reflect on the spellcasting process, reaffirm your intentions, and consider trying again in the next waning moon cycle. Persistence and belief are key in spellcasting.


As we explored the compendium of 30 spells corresponding to the waning moon phase, we uncovered the tremendous potential for introspection, release, and protective work during this period. The waning moon, with its diminishing light, serves as a powerful ally for those seeking to let go of negative energies, habits, or influences that no longer serve them. Our exploration highlighted the significance of timing in magical practices, acknowledging the waning moon as the prime time to perform spells that focus on banishment, healing from emotional wounds, and severing ties with past troubles. The insights gleaned from these spells underscore the symbiotic relationship between lunar phases and spellwork, where aligning our intentions with the natural rhythm of the moon amplifies the effectiveness and potency of our magical endeavors.

Furthermore, the variety of spells presented has equipped us with a diverse toolkit for personal transformation and protection. From simple rituals like creating protective amulets or writing intention-filled letters to be burned, to more elaborate ceremonies involving multiple elements and steps, each spell provides a unique avenue for harnessing the waning moon's energy. The underlying message is clear: the waning moon is not a time for passivity but for active engagement with the forces of release and reflection. By embracing the lessons and energies of the waning moon spells, practitioners can foster a deeper connection with the cycles of nature, paving the way for emotional cleansing and preparing the ground for new beginnings with the arrival of the new moon.

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